Warranties and trustworthy

We understand the importance of knowing every detail of your investment


We know that through security and confidence people will trust us and will make InvestPont grow

Money Management

With us you will always know where your money is. Our platform does not capture or make use of your investment, this one sent directly to trusts managed, audited and regulated by trustees, which are supervised by the financial superintendence of Colombia

Due Diligence

At Investpont we believe in the quality of projects. For this reason, our developer partners and their projects go through a strict process of selection and financial analysis (due diligence), to ensure that they have an outstanding performance building projects and managing assets.

Know Your Investor

Before anyone can invest in Investpont we request some personal data, which is analyzed using powerful tools from KYC and Sarlaff to verify that the funds do not come from illegal sources and to ensure that all our users comply with the necessary documentation, protecting the safety of our entire community

Transparencia como pilar

Desde el primer momento en Investpont podrás tener visibilidad de todo tu proceso de inversión, conociendo a fondo a cada desarrollador inmobiliario, sus proyectos y el avance de los mismos. Es por eso, que es necesario que nuestros aliados inmobiliarios ….

Garantías y Contratos

By investing in any project on our platform, you will sign a trust participation contract, the legal means by which you will automatically become a settlor of the autonomous assets of the project in question. This contract offers you real guarantees as the trust will be in charge of managing the funds invested in the project and distributing them together with their yields.


By investing on projects in our platform, the risk of your investment will diversify thanks to the concept of collective investment, where you are not going to contribute to the total investment by yourself. Besides, by allowing you to invest small amounts of money on different projects, you are diversifying the risk of your portfolio.

Now invest in real
state is easy



  • All investments carry risks and in the real estate market are subject to fluctuations in the sector. There are risks associated with total or partial loss of the invested capital, fluctuation of the expected return and risk of illiquidity to recover your investment.
  • Keep in mind that real estate projects have due dates, however, these may take less or more time depending on diverse number of factors. Hence, it is possible that you receive your money and yields before or after the project due date, depending on the progress of the project which you can track at any time through our platform.
  • Your capital investment could be affected in case of extraordinary events or circumstance beyond the control of Investpont, such as: strikes, administrative procedures, pandemics, wars, sabotage, public disturbances, earthquakes, hurricanes and severe weather conditions.