Meet the Team

We reinvent and democratize the real estate market

Our Story

We discover that profitable markets have one thing in common: they do not reinvent from within. An external factor needs to come to drive a positive change. After all, who kills a money printing machine?

Why we built Investpont?

At Investpont we believe that everyone deserves a simple, fast and reliable way to invest in the real estate market. Through our technology, we create an ecosystem where people and real estate developers can access to the benefits of collective investments. We want to revolutionize the market through digitalization, allowing everyone to access these investments and to diversify their portfolios. As well, we wish our real estate partners have a new financing source with lower rates than the market and steady cash flows for their company.

Leadership Team

We are a team of experts in real estate, construction, entrepreneurship and technology. Through our experience, we realized that people with the most capital have investments in the real estate market, their income is not related to the amount of time they work and they focus on having passive incomes through real estate investments. Due this, we decided to work together to create InvestPont. The first platform that democratizes real estate investments, giving everyone the opportunity to create capital and wealth starting with small amounts of money.